Sunday, June 17, 2012

The UEFA EURO 2012 Finals & A 'Star Player' Is Injured!

Its the UEFA Euro 2012 Finals and I am sure some of us are having 'sleepless nights' thinking about where to put your money too! To complicate the matter further, we have an injured 'star player' too! Guess who!
Back to more serious matter, remember the annual mid-year exams that we enjoyed so much when we were in school? Here is a mid year quiz with a valuable prize to be given to the first correct answer received within the next three days.

The quiz.....

...................recently, an old Andersonian (in the 6 series already) fell and broke his/her foot and was wheel chair bound for more than a month. Look at the photo for clues. To win the special prize, just tell us whether it is the left or right leg, and who belongs to that leg?........some Andersonians are not eligible for the quiz, they know who they are.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Sek Yee