Friday, December 31, 2010

A Fitting Finale.....with our Hosts Merlyn & Assunta on Dec 30, 2010

The gathering on 30th Dec hosted by Merlyn and Assunta was a fitting finale to a year of gatherings, meetings at various functions that brought classmates of 66/67 Arts together. The high tea at Merlyn’s residence was our 25th gathering in 2010.

"You do not need an arm & a leg to join us!"

When we parked our car by the side of the house, we could hear very loud chatter from the side terrace of Merlyn’s house (with Hau Kiang’s vibrant voice the most audible). The others contributing to the commotion were Ah Nya and Mun Chiew (Form Six Science), Datin Norlian and hubby Dato Aziz, Grandma Lailatool and her Ah Kau, Hatiah, Jauhara, our School Captain Oon Eng Hock and Fong Chit Ying (Lower 6 Arts). Some of Merlyn’s friends were there also.

We had several rounds of authentic laksa Melaka, curry chicken and mutton kurma, Hainanese roti, and lots of cookies……(for your information, Assunta originates from Melaka). While we were enjoying the spread, Sarkawi and Mustapha Azmi was lost/caught up with the traffic coming from KL.

When they finally arrived (at about 7.30 pm), it was indeed a real surprise for those still present. Mustapha brought along a specially baked cake for “Andersonians 66/67” with the school badge/logo planted on it. Before Assunta and Kat cut the cake, we sang the Anderson School song. That was really nostalgic. Thank you Mustapha for the innovative idea.

So we had another round of cakes, curry laksa, etc. After dinner, Merlyn ran through the contents of our blog for Mustapha Azmi and Sarkawi amidst further chatter.

We finally parted company close to 10.00pm. Our sincere thanks to you Merlyn for hosting the 25th gathering and to Assunta, many thanks too for the authentic Melaka cuisine.

With this, we would like to wish all of you and family a very happy year in 2011, good health, etc

Best Regards Sek Yee

Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Mohd. Shafiq Story......our Visit on December 29, 2010

On Wed 29th Dec, we (Hau Kiang, Merlyn, myself and Kat ) met up with Mohd Shafiq (age 10) at The Jasmine Foundation in Wangsa Maju. Shafiq was there for his second homeopathic treatment. We first came to know Shafiq in Feb 2010. He had osteogenic sarcoma and his tumour on the left knee has grown to the size of a football. He has been in and out of hospital (HKL) for the past one year. After his chemotherapy did not shrink the tumour, they decided to amputate the left leg to save his life....however the tumour has spread to the lungs and right shoulder as well.

The boy is very gutsy and despite the pain and discomfort, he is determined to live life and enjoy it just like other kids. Come January 2011, he will attending a special school for the handicapped in Serendah.

His mother used to make/sell cakes to earn a living and his father is currently unemployed. They are from Alor Star but are now currently staying with Shafiq's auntie in Serendah due to his treatment schedules. He is currently receiving an allowance from the Welfare Dept. but that is not enough to sustain them. In short, they need cash especially when the school starts next month.
So we decided to give him an initial donation of RM 200 from the ASI Charity fund and this was presented to him by Datuk Merlyn. We hope to be able to continue to do so as and when necessary and to be able to do that we need your regular support.

Let us try to give this boy a chance to live a life as normal as possible like other young kids.

Photos & Story by:  Sek Yee

NB: The Jasmine Foundation is started by a close friend, Puan Citi Yousef who lost her only child,Jasmine to the same type of cancer. Puan Citi is currently providing the homeopathy treatment for Shafiq on an ex-gratia basis.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hi Everyone.......Special Year-End Message from Our Bosses!

The Year 2010 has really been a year of rejuvenation and renewal for all of us in ASI 1966/67 Arts. We were dormant for more than 43 years and suddenly we had 24 gatherings here and there ever since The Gang of 6 met on June 12th 2010 at the Crocodile Farm in Subang Jaya.And to end the year, the Xmas/ New Year party to be hosted by Merlyn and Assunta will be our 25th encounter in a matter of 6 do come along and let's end the year with a big bang.We look forward to meeting all of you there.

The above gatherings would not be possible without your constant support/participation and to all of you, please accept our thanks and appreciation and hope you will continue to come along and participate in whatever activities that we organise next year. Our special thanks goes to Hau Kiang for setting and managing our very own blogspot (don't think there is another such ASI blog to match ours), Datuk Merlyn for your constant support and advice, Fook Leong for connecting us with Mr Paul Chong early this year.

As we enjoy the festivities over the next few weeks, let us also remember the less fortunate, the poor,and the sick,etc.Have you contributed to the ASI Charity Fund yet? It is still not late.....please ask Datuk Merlyn for details.

We would like to extend to you,your spouse(s) and children a very Merry Xmas, Happy New Year and good health as we enter our golden years.....and of course, please continue to be good.

Salam to all

Rgds, Sek Yee and Ah Kat (my boss)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

At Ramli Hassan's Daughter's Wedding......December 19, 2010

Ramli Hassan's daughter's wedding was a colourful one with purple being the colour theme for Ramli's family. As you can see from Ramli's photos,Ramli was most handsome and elegant in his purple baju melayu outfit.

When we arrived, Ramli and his wife was on hand to meet us after which we treated ourselves to the buffet lunch.Cikgu Puteri Asma came along with us and Sarkawi came all the way from KL with his wife, youngest daughter and his 5 year old son.....he keeps telling me that he is Tom and Jerry when I asked him for his name.

After lunch and bersanding, we were invited to take a group photo with the bride and groom, Ramli and other family members.Not everyone had the opportunity.....we were honoured.

As we said our goodbyes, images of Ramli became clearer to my mind of this handsome, elegant and quiet Malay boy who was our classmate 43 years(very soon it will be 44 years) ago.

Ramli, we thank you for remembering and inviting us to the wedding. May we wish your daughter every happiness and may you be blessed with more "cucus"......this will keep you and your wife more and more busy.Our best wishes to you and your wife also.

Rgds - Sek Yee.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Our Gracious Hosts Choon Yee & Shek Seng..........December 16, 2010

A group of us was treated to a special tea session by our gracious host, Choon Yee and her husband Yap Shek Seng, the Tea Master. (Shek Seng was from Form Six Science). Choon Yee is easily recognisable from a distance, despite a gap of 43 years….so is Shek Seng (except for the white hair). This time around, the girls were out-numbered and believe it or not, Poh Lam came all the way from Butterworth’

After the usual chatter, we were treated to a sumptuous spread of special rojak made by Choon Yee and several types of nyonya kueh, yam cakes,etc……see how the ladies enjoy themselves. Surprisingly, no drinks were served—no coffee or tea or drinking water. Suddenly, Shek Seng said….”let’s adjourn for tea”. And we really adjourned to a special tea room where Shek Seng explained to us the art of making and drinking real Chinese tea. The whole group gathered around a special table for that special tea lesson and subsequent tasting. After about 10 rounds of different types of teas (Pu-er, etc,etc),all of us were worried whether we could sleep that night. I slept very well that night … snoring at all!!

Also in the tea room, there was a special Gu-Zheng instrument which the hosts bought from China recently……Choon Yee played some notes for us before the tea session started. Imagine sipping good quality tea and listening to Gu-Zheng music……what a way to relax and enjoy life.

The group really outstayed the hosts’ hospitality…..we finally left after 7.30 pm. We really enjoyed the chatter, the food and the many rounds of special teas.

Many thanks Choon Yee for inviting us and many thanks Shek Seng for enlightening us.

Photos & Story by Sek Yee
(More will follow)