Sunday, March 27, 2011


A Sharing Session by Mr. Chang Chee Teck

at the Poolside Room (Air-Conditioned),

3.00 PM ON  SUNDAY, APRIL 10TH, 2011

Saturday, March 26, 2011

In Memory of Jauharah Tak.....

Jauharah Tak was a classmate and friend who was ever willing to learn and to help others. Because of her keen desire to communicate with her friends, she organised and hosted the first ever computer workshop for ASI 66/67 classmates so that she can improve her emailing skills (see story dated Aug 5th 2010 in our blog).

Whenever we meet, she would still ask me more basic questions like " how to click for this and that" etc. One day she told me (in confidence) that when she clicked "send" everything disappeared from the screen.....I just could not answer her question except to "console" her that this is a common occurrence amongst people in our age group.

Recently when Hau Kiang, Merlyn and I were helping to organise the lunch on 27th February in honour of DSS, I approached Jauharah to help out at the Reception counter.Despite her discomfort and swollen legs,she agreed without hesitation and Jauharah, together with Gek Kim, Ah Nya, Rashidan, Lailatool and Ah Kat did a wonderful job on that day. So the trio decided to belanja the 6 Ah Mois (together with a few others) to lunch on 23rd March at the Royal Lake Club. During the lunch, Jauharah was quite her usual self except she felt a bit cold in the air-con room and a bit tired. Sadly, that was our our last outing with her.(See our last photos with her, towards end of the short movie clip)

On 28/1/11, Mohd Shafiq visited us in Subang Jaya after his treatment at a homeopathic clinic, Jauharah persuaded a close friend to bring her over to our house so that she can meet the boy with osteogenic sarcoma. She waited for nearly 2 hours for Mohd Shafiq who was delayed in the doctor's clinic as well as the traffic.When she said goodbye to Shafiq, she spent some personal moments with him and gave him some
pocket money as well. We have lost a truly caring friend

Ever since the ASI 66/67 group started reconnecting in early 2010, Jauharah has been very supportive and attended most gatherings except for a few when she had to go for treatment for her liver problem the extent of which we discovered only recently.

We will definitely miss this quiet, unassuming and caring classmate.May Allah bless her soul.


Sek Yee and Kat

Thursday, March 24, 2011



Monday, March 21, 2011

Lim Kok Sin......Lower Six Arts 1967

It was so timely that Kok Sin emailed me a colour picture of the ASI Prefects' Board  '66/'67 (somehow I only have the black & white photo with me) -a reminder that our Bosses mean business! So shape up guys!!

Can you pick out the young dashing Kok Sin in the above photo?

Sounds Familiar......after almost 44 years!!

We had the most professional piano accompaniment on February 27, 2011 and a 'virgin MC' to lead us in the rendition of our School song, yet we did not have a perfect start! But we all gradually warmed up to the task as our 'virgin MC' prompted us on to sing 'louder please'! If only our Ahmad Sarkawi was with us that day!

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Mohd. Shafiq Story....continues (March 17, 2011)

After receiving news that Mohd Shafig was in constant pain, a group of us made an impromptu visit to Shafiq's home in Serendah on 17th March to try to cheer him up. Hau Kiang and Merlyn came with us whilst Sarkawi and his boss met us at the Bukit Beruntung toll.

Despite his intense pain (he is on 50mg morphine plus a morphine patch on his right shoulder), he greeted us with a smile and in his usual cheerful style.When Kat enquired about his pain level, he whispered to Kat and later requested Kat not to tell his mother how much pain he is enduring. An NGO has given him a laptop and he told us that he wants to communicate with us by email once a line has been fixed.

Despite all the treatments, his osteogenic sarcoma (bone cancer) is progressing. Compared to his condition when we last saw him on Jan 20th 2011, the tumour on his right shoulder has grown noticeably bigger.He just cannot use his right arm anymore.

We brought him some food and a toy which he immediately tried to fix with his left hand. Before we said goodbye to him, Merlyn gave him an angpow (the RM 200 allowance that we provide for him every month from our charity fund).

Please do pray for him as well when you do your daily prayers


Sek Yee and Ah Kat

(No prizes for guessing this song! But if you do like it and want to know how to dance to this, keep yourself free for May 21, 2011 and will meet you at Dataran Merdeka!! Cheers and good day -Senior Citizen HK)

Monday, March 14, 2011

'My new Ah Nya"

Hi there, please meet my new 'heart throb' Ken Foong who arrived at noon today,13th March 2011, weighing 3.09 kg. Mother & baby doing well, papa a bit tired, big sister Hana very excited & 'GLAM-ma' very relieved.

Regards, AhNya

"Our Sons and Dato Seri N S Selvamany on Feb. 27, 2011

Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Brief Insight by Professor Dr. Rokiah Talib on Feb. 27, 2011

"The Things You Have To Do To Achieve Economic Growth!"

"....and you have to live to dance!" But I must say that the guy in the red t-shirt really looks like the guy in the pictures below! What a look-a-like senior citizen!

'This is how you do the chicken wing moves!"
"Me and my Flowers!"

Monday February 21, 2011

6% economic growth possible this year, says Lim


SUBANG: Malaysia is capable of achieving economic growth of between 5.5% and 6% this year if exports and domestic demand increase while leakages are cut.

Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Donald Lim Siang Chai said the expected growth was based on information from the World Bank and Bank Negara.

This would translate into more jobs and business opportunities, he said.

“The 7.2% economic growth registered last year was a significant achievement under the leadership of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Live to dance: Senior citizens participating in the 1Caring Heart Charity Line Dancing programme at Subang Avenue yesterday.

“If we cut leakages, improve exports and increase domestic demand, we will be able to achieve this growth (between 5.5% and 6%),” he told reporters after launching the 1Caring Heart Charity Line Dancing programme at Subang Avenue here yesterday.

Lim noted that political stability was an important factor for many investors worldwide, such as from the Middle East and Europe, to choose Malaysia as one of their preferred destinations.

“In fact, we noticed that foreign direct investment increased to RM21.7bil last year from the RM4.3bil the previous year,” he said, adding that the five-fold leap was a good sign of a strong performance this year

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lunch with "Uncle" on February 27, 2011

A lunch was held on Sunday 27th February 2011 in honour of our Dato Seri Selvamany and Datin Seri Poovayee at the Royal Lake Club, KL. The lunch gathering was initiated by a group of senior ASI students led by Tan Sri Nuraizah (62/63 batch). Merlyn, Hau Kiang and myself were co-opted into the organising committee in late January 2011. Besides honouring DSS, the gathering provided an opportunity for old and not so old Andersonians to meet up and most importantly, Dr Rokiah, the lead writer of the biography on DSS, had the opportunity to provide an overview and progress report on the book so far. The book is expected to be launched in July 2011.

Our Most Hard Working Reception Team
"Please write us a big cheque!"

"A very relaxed odd couple!"

"Here's some small change for you"
"Behind Every Successful Woman, there is always a Man!"

Our sumptous Buffet spread

... and lovely desserts too!

Our key performers!

"Its hard to be a Boss, you know!" 

The Orchid Room of The Royal Lake Club was packed with about 70 students from as far back as 1950s and to the 1970s. Amongst the notable seniors were Tan Sri Razaleigh Hamzah, Tan Sri Sallehudin, Tan Sri Aris Othman, Dato Seri Azmi Khalid, etc.

The following from the 66/67 Arts group came along to lend their support to the event…the guys were Yew Sen, Sor Hwa, Fook Seng, Kam Loong……and the ladies were Pit Loo, Gek Kim, Ah Nya, Rashidan, Chou Sarn, Jauhara, Lailatool and my boss Ah Kat. We were very happy to see Rusila Razak back with us again. Some of the others you may know include Khaw Siok Chye, Dato Salleh Yeop, Yap Shek Seng, Shoib Abdullah, Lee Ean Chiew, Raja Noora, and her sister Raja Ropiah.

After DSS arrived, everyone sang the ASI school song with Dato Ghazali Yusoff playing the piano….this reminded us of the school’s assemblies every Friday. This was followed by a welcoming speech by Tan Sri Nuraizah, a progress report by Dr Rokiah and some personal and touching stories by some students whom DSS has helped personally. The finale of the day of course was the speech by Dato Seri Selvamany. Hearing his speech is an inspiration itself.

Watch this space for more inspiring stories.

To Strive, To Seek, To Find and Not To Yield.

Best wishes,

Sek Yee

NB A special thanks to Gek Kim, Lailatool, Rashidan, Jauhara, Ah Nya and Ah Kat for the good work at the Reception counter and also special thanks to Dr Amir Sulaiman (youngest ?) and his daughter, Lydia Sulaiman (joining Form 6 in ASI soon) for the video-taping and photography.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Welcome Address at the Lunch with "Uncle' on Feb. 27, 2011 Tan Sri Nuraizah Abdul Hamid, Organising Chairperson for the Lunch,

"Who are our 'Ah Moi-s'?