Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy Deepavali to All

2012 PInk Ribbon Retro Night on Oct. 20, 2012

On 20th October 2012, Gek Kim invited me and Hau Kiang to attend the Retro Night, the annual dinner of the Pink Ribbon Awareness Foundation group. Both Gek Kim and Ah Nya are committee members of the organization that helps to increase awareness of breast cancer. Kat attended the 3-day symposium prior to the Retro Night dinner which she could not attend.It was a very well organized dinner – good food, good music and great entertainment.

Wow, you should see how Ah Nya danced to the ‘60’s beat – she was really hotstuff. And Gek Kim was the usual gracious hostess – looking after the reception counter and guests. Well done, hot and gracious ladies.

Hey, Gek Kim, are those two pretty ladies with your husband,Francis,your daughters?

Ah Nya, is that your personal porter? Does it cost an arm and a leg to employ such a handsome one? He looked just as hot as you.

What to do? Sometimes low in Spirits but all for Love & Charity!
MC in high spirits now!! Must be Ah Nya's special brew!

Many thanks for an enjoyable evening.

Sek Yee & Hau Kiang

'Long Time No See Classmates - Mahanum & Pek Chin'

On 31st October 2012, we arranged for a meeting of two long-lost ASI classmates who last saw each other in 1967. The meeting was so coincidental. We had a prior arrangement to have lunch with Pek Chin who wanted to find out more about Mahanum’s orphanage in Teluk Intan. Then on the morning of 31st October itself, Mahanum telephoned to tell us that she is in Subang Jaya to visit her friend who is not well. And so, with the grace of God, we had lunch together.


Sek Yee & Khadijah

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Always Find Time To Visit 'Old' Friends!

On Oct 3, before returning to Ipoh, Uncle Selvamany visited 2 old friends in KL. One was Puan Sri Aida Nik Daud who was Uncle's classmate way back in the early 1940s (see photo on page 30 of the biography...she is seated second from left in this 1946 Prefect's Board photo in G.E.S. Batu Gajah).The old friend is Dato' Othman Khairuddin who is currently residing in Taman Tun Dr Ismail.They spent some time chatting about their good old days.


Sek Yee

Uncle & Auntie at the Pure Life Society on October 02, 2012

Despite a tight schedule in KL during the recent Convocation in early Oct, Uncle Selvamany and Auntie found time to visit The Pure Life Society in Puchong where we met with Mother Mangalam and other officials (most of them are also Andersonians). During the visit, several donations were made by Uncle Selvamany, and other fellow Andersonians.

After a brief discussion with Mother Mangalam, we had a delicious vegetarian lunch at the canteen where some of the students were present as well.


Sek Yee