Monday, April 25, 2011

See and Hear Paul .....on April 28th, 2011

Paul Chong is back to the Klang Valley today after an exhausting week in Ipoh, Taiping, and Penang meeting up with his relatives, old students, old girlfriends, DSS, and his very own ex-geography teacher and form master..about 10 years his incredible. Also, Paul came back to KL in a 40 feet container truck driven by his kidding you....see the photos attached.

Paul the Hitch-Hiker!

As Paul would like to meet up with more of his past students, we have decided to organise another gathering(this time it will be karoake cum lunch)....details as follows:

Date......Thurs 28th April

Place......The Royal Lake Club

Time......11.00 at the Main Reception

Costs.....Dutch....we will pass the hat around.

We look forward to meeting you there on Thurs 28th April.

While you are reading this,please remember our excursion trip to Mahanum's orphanage in Teluk Intan on Mon 2nd May.....please kindly indicate so as to enable Mahanum to prepare lunch.More details will be emailed to you shortly.


Sek Yee
Note: Paul can be contacted at 016-6375624; his other back up mobile number is 016-2211800; please call him and he will speak to you with delight! Sounds familiar  if you locate him on Skype!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Barn for the Young!

We have just discovered a new and trendy fashion outlet very suitable for all you grandmas who would like to re-stock or re-furbish your old wardrobe. and for the guys.....if you would like to buy a new dress for your wife or girlfriend, just head to GIRLIES BARN on the ground floor (next to Uncle Lim's cafe) of Subang Parade. This new outlet is owned by Ms Sheliza, eldest daughter of our Wan Ahmad Kamal and Azizah. This is actually her third outlet just opened for business on Friday 15th April. The other 2 outlets are in The Curve and the Wangsa Walk Mall. Do visit Sheliza's blogspot for further

My boss browsed through the outlet and this is her comment......."As I was going through the items on display, it occurred to me that the "60s" look has come back. They are exactly the fashion that I used to wear, the in-thing 45 years ago.....the psychedelic colours, the length of the dress, either very long or very it for you? Just go and have a look"

Sek Yee and Ah Kat (my boss)

(Note: WAK must have been the man behind this name!)

Tea Break with Paul......Sunday, April 17th 2011

A small group of retired grandmas,grandpas and still working ex-ASI students gathered for tea at The Royal Lake Club to meet up with Paul Chong on Sunday 17th April 2011(after 45 long years).Our ex-geography teacher and Form Master to Arts 1 had a tough time remembering the  names of some of the grandmas and Anandan,who made a surprise appearance also took a long time to come out with the names of the most of the Ah Mois that he used to disturb way back in 1966/67. Paul had a great time reminiscing with all the ladies (like Pit Loo,Chou Sarn, Ah Nya, Hatiah,Neeta and Lailatool) and the guys as well (Sor Hwa, Yew Sen,Kam Loong, Anandan and Hau Kiang).

Kam Loong with Paul

Yew Sen welcoming Paul

Enjoying her "ABC" after Brisbane!

Have I Seen You Before??


Sequel to Magnificient Seven?

Have you met the Lords of Valencia Yet?

After tea, we adjourned to the poolside for some group photography and more sembang sembang at the Reception lounge before we said goodbye at about 6.00 pm

Sek Yee

Breakfast with Mahanum at Taman Tun........on Sunday, April 17th, 2011

Mahanum brought all her kids from Teluk Intan for a school function on Friday 15th April and   invited us to have breakfast with her and the kids on Sunday morning in TTDI. Of course, we brought Paul Chong along also. All of us (Paul, Hau Kiang, Rashidan, Kat and me) were really facinated with the range of kids that Mahanum has to look after. Anyone fancy adopting a kid from her?


Sek Yee

Monday, April 18, 2011

Paul Revisits Petaling Street.......... on April 16th, 2011

On the Saturday evening of 16th April, we took Paul Chong down to Petaling Street which he has not seen ever since he migrated to Australia in 1982.Of course ,there were a lot of new things to him....the big screen, the canopy cover,etc. Paul did not pick up anything for himself or his wife during the walk....he told me....."my wife has everything already". As the humidity inside the stalls was too much for him, we adjourned to an air-conditioned cafe for some cold drinks and ice-kacang.

Later we went back to the KL Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine to meet up with Kat and Wu Sor Hwa who were attending TCM classes on that Saturday night (of course, I ponteng). Later, we brought him back to Subang Jaya for some soup kambing.

"External Examiner Paul seen here with his Star Students!"

Sek Yee