Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Andersonians at the Book Launch by Daniel Yeoh's Tricia......September 27, 2010

At last we finally caught up with Yeoh Beng Teong,the tall, quiet handsome guy from A2. He still looks the same,sounds the same and still walks the same way. When he walked into the cafe at Hotel Singgahsana, we could easily recognise him. The occassion was the launch of a book called THE ROAD TO REFORM edited by Tricia Yeoh ( Beng Teong's eldest daughter) who works at the Selangor MB's office.Tricia is just as tall as the father and despite her busy schedule, she found time to have a chat with us, have photos taken with us and later autographed the books  that we bought. Let us meet up more often, Daniel Yeoh.

Khadijah, Tricia, Daniel Yeoh Beng Teong & Sek Yee

THK, WAK & Daniel

WAK 'pretending seriously' in trying to understand what's in the book!!

THK, Daniel, Tricia, Boss & Sek Yee

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Very Special Sunday Outing in Valencia.....with Hosts Lailatool & Alkaff.

On 26th Sept, we were treated to a sumptious Sunday lunch by grandma Lailatool and her Ah Kau at their residence in Valencia, Sungei Buloh. Our grandma prepared a spread of mee rebus, rojak, lots of cookies, cakes, unlimited tea and coffee. For an idea of how good the food was, see the photos featuring Pit Loo eating and how some classmates “tar pau” back for dinner....no kidding you, believing is seeing!

The group photo gives you an idea who came for lunch. Of special mention is our school’s super lady athelete, Ramlah Said and hubby Zainuddin who decided to skip a wedding and another Hari Raya function just to be with us today.....also Pit Loo made a special effort to come despite some discomfort from her recent hip replacement surgery. We were also happy to welcome Pek Hooi aka Mrs Tan Hau Kiang (was she checking out HK’s regular outings with the group?)

Boss giving a helping hand to Patricia

Boss & Ramlah

Boss & Ramlah

Lovely cupcakes by Lailatool & Alkaff??

Yew Sen trying to be Matchmaker?

Mrs. Tan HK (Pek Hooi), Puteri Rashidah & Boss

Our gracious host looking pleased with her cookies
Merlyn, Patricia & Pek Hooi

Just like 1967! Almost lah!

WAK, Datuk Merlyn & Zainuddin

Lailatool, Boss & Patricia

First Ladies??

Hosts & the Andersonian 'Gang' who raided 'Valencia'

Enjoying her cupcakes!

'"I made most of these that you all see on the table"

See how happy these guys are! Can take-away also!

WAK trying to look away while Azizah helps herself to the cakes!

Hatiah, Azizah, Jauharah & Rashidan listening attentatively to WAK, I think!

Our lunch dragged on into 4.30 pm with no sign of the group leaving (some wanted to stay for dinner!).....that is how much we enjoyed the food and the hospitality......many, many thanks Grandma Lailatool and, and Ah Kau.
Lailatool thinking to herself: "I am not going to let these Andersonians into Valencia after today's raid on my kitchen!"

Story & Photos by Sek Yee

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Culture Shock & The Mid-Autumn Festival.....Its Mooncake Day Sept. 22, 2010

Mahanum's  2 boys who were with Sek Yee and his Boss recently  really had some cultural trauma after they wrere exposed  to things like "mooncakes" and "tangloong" (during the puasa month)......but they loved the mooncakes and for several days we had that for buka puasa together with Ipoh White coffee......then sometimes later in the nite, we adjourn to Pelita for soup Kambing or soup ekor........ so tonite, the last nite of puasa, Sek Yee bought them each the traditional tangloong(also one for my boss)......nowadays it comes in the shape of superman, spiderman,ultraman,etc........

Guess who is behind Spiderman?? And behind every successful Spiderman, there is always the Boss!

The Boss and her 'Spiderman' ! See what she has turned Sek Yee into! Superman too!
 Story & Photos by Sek Yee

Saturday, September 18, 2010

More Pictures from Fook Leong.....& when were they taken??

Fook Leong with our Datuk Merlyn Kasimir

So this is the Lady who labelled me 'fat cop'! Ola!!

This photo is not about the persons! It is about the date of the photo!! Please explain Fook Leong! No further comments! 

Great Outdoor Life of Paul in Perth!

My little "Work Horse" - Ride-On Mower or Tractor as it is called.

Paul in action on the 'work horse'

Spring is the cleaning time after the winter rain & rapid wild growth of weeds & grasses.
You're getting a glimpse of our backyard, apart from some fruit trees, organic vegetable gardening, also an orchid "green" shed, I have space for some golf practice. I also have a sand bunker which doubles up as a sand pit for our grandsons.
There were about thirty trees when we first moved here. Slowly, one by one, the trees fell to my chain saw.

Watch closely this picture and you will see a classic putt!!!
Living in Australia takes on a different lifer-style altogether! Great outdoor life!

Don't you think that I am not too bad for guy of 72 last birthday.


( When I reconnected with Paul via video call on skype yesterday, he was having a bad cough! He says the source of his nasty cough is -  high pollen count susceptivity. We wish him a speedy recovery!
Note also that Sek Yee and Merlyn are already on skype, and if more of us sign up with skype. we will all be able to conference call and see each other (provided you have video) - and it does not cost you a cent if you are on the net)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Keeping Tabs on Patricia Chong Pit Loo....

On 16/9, after tea with Fook Leong, some of us decided to visit Pit Loo after WAK told us that she was not feeling too good after the hip replacement operation in early August. When we arrived at her house,we were very pleasantly surprised when she greeted us at the door in short pants and smiling as usual. She had a fall in the house last Saturday 11/9 and the bruise on her left arm was very visible. She did request us not to take photos of her in shorts, but when we took some photos, the cushion she used to cover her legs somehow slipped. Sorry Pit Loo....can't touch up the photos.

WAK, who lives directly opposite Pit Loo, brought some Hari Raya cookies over to share with us.

Story & Photos by Sek Yee

Chin Fook Leong arrives in town on Malaysia Day!

Our old classmate and former top cop in Singapore was in town on Malaysia Day 16/9 and he very graciously treated his classmates to tea at The Banquet in Bangsar Village 2. It was indeed a very memorable gathering (a noisy one as usual). Some made very special efforts to be present......Poh Lam and his wife came all the way from Butterworth, WAK postponed his trip to Mumbai just to be around, Fook Seng rescheduled his golf game in Seremban, Ah Nya came early so she can leave early for a tennis game, Hau Kiang came despite his house being burgled on 15/9....and of course our other regulars did not want to miss the action as well, namely Merlyn, Rashidan and Aunty Kim, yours truly the very vice Captain and his darling boss, Ah Kat.

Happily signing off for the afternoon tea with the Gang!
 This time around, we were happy to welcome 2 old students from the science stream (ie from across the bridge)....namely our recently re-connected School Captain, Oon Eng Hock and Chew Yoke Lim. We spent more than 3 hours reminiscing old times but alas, three hours is too short a time. So please come back again soon, CFL and have tea with us again.

Think we should 'sell' this photo to UOB! Could be worth some money!
 Story & Photos by Sek Yee

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Chin Fook Leong......Makes Special Appearance on Malaysia Day!

Chin Fook Leong plays host and shows us his 'usual' sign language! And Ah Nya trying to emulate him! But our 'top cop' is slimmer in person than in earlier pictures! Welcome to Malaysia!

New addtions to our group include Oon Eng Hock, School Captain in 1967 (in yellow Andersonian t-shirt and also slimmer in real life) and Chew Yoke Lim from Science stream sitting with our ladies! And can you recognise a 'cop' when you see one in plain clothes? He is the guy with the sling bag on his left shoulder! Just like all other plain clothes policemen! No believe ah?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Meet Datuk Dr. Raman........

When we decided to visit Dato Seri Selvamany on 13th Sept, we invited another old Andersonian, Datuk Dr Raman to come along. As you may remember, Dr Raman was from the science stream and was on the Prefects Board of 1967 and he is one of those rare quiet and unassuming personality like our legendary Datuk Merlyn Kasimir. Dr Raman has retired as head of the Hospital Bahagia....the country's leading mental institution in Tanjong Rambutan and is now heading the psychiatric dept. at the General Hospital, Ipoh (now known as the Hospital Besar Tuanku Bainun)........so if you need help, you can definitely rely on Datuk Dr Raman. He still has very powerful connections with Hospital Bahagia - might be useful to keep him on your radar!

Dr. Raman is the one in blue shirt, of course!

Story & Photo by Sek Yee
(Please note that the photo has not been 'blurred' for purpose of presentation; it is the original.)

Breaking News....Merlyn is featured in Mr. Paul Chong's blog!

Do visit Mr. Paul Chong's blog for a great write up on Merlyn! Cheers

An Evening with Dato Seri Selvamany at his House.......on September 13, 2010

When we met at Ramli Hassan's house on 11/9, Pretam and I decided to visit DSS to pass him the photo taken on 25th July during our re-union lunch with him and Datin Seri.We invited Chan Lai Heng to come along....so the 3 ladies spent time remembering their Convent days....things like Jane Eyre,Wuthering Heights, etc whilst DSS spent nearly 2 hours discussing with us the lives and activities of various old boys, etc...Dr Raman (from Form 6 Science and Prefect in 1967) came along also. As we had to explain to DSS the presence of the 2 boys that we were currently fostering, he was extremely interested in Mahanum's work in Teluk Intan and he wants to join us when we decide to visit Mahanum there

Story & Photos by Sek Yee