Friday, February 8, 2013

Kung Hei Fatt Choi....aka... Have a Happy Healthy & Wealthy Chinese New Year!

Toong, Toong,Toong,Tooong Chiang!!!
Wah, it is the season to be merry again...and to welcome the year of the Snake very soon. May we wish you and family every happiness,good fortune and most of all, good health. As we have said before, be careful if you have to travel to visit your in laws, eat in moderation if you have to eat. When you pray, have a thought for the less fortunate and the not so well.

Let us continue to look out for each other as we edge nearer to the 7-series. I will be 66 very soon (sorry no prizes offered for guessing the correct date....the sponsor took back the Samsung S111 already).

For this CNY, me and my Ah Kat will be honeymooning in Sulabaya (a port along the Alaska coastline) from 9/2 to 15/2.

Meantime, our best wishes and please continue to be good.

Toong, Toong,Toong,Tooong Chiang!!! (whatever it means).


Ah Yee and Ah Kat