Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Uncle's Economic Resource Centre in Anderson School

As always, our Head Library Prefect!

On 16th January 2013, the staff and students of Anderson School Ipoh, and a group of old Andersonians held a unique birthday celebration for Dato’ Seri NS Selvamany in the Dewan Sekolah of Anderson School. It was an extremely rare occasion for the school to celebrate the birthday of one of its former teachers. Uncle Selvamany, who was the first Economics teacher in the country, taught in Anderson School for 20 years from 1952-1972 until he was posted to Sekolah Idris Shah, Gopeng in 1972 as the Principal.

After the various speeches (by the Pengetua, Tan Sri Nuraizah Hamid and Uncle Selvamany) were delivered, the school’s staff and Form 6 students and Librarians (together with the old Andersonians present) celebrated Uncle Selvamany’s 87th birthday with a special cake.

Later, after refreshments, the whole group took a slow nostalgic walk from the school canteen to the school’s library which is now located near to where the old hostel was for the finale of the day i.e. the Majlis Pelancaran Pusat Ekonomi Dato’ Seri NS Selvamany.

To further honour Dato’ Seri Selvamany with much love, gratitude and respect, the group of old Andersonians, with the collaboration of the Pengetua of Anderson School and his staff, inaugurated a Pusat Sumber Ekonomi Dato’ Seri NS Selvamany within the school’s library . The Pusat Sumber Ekonomi, as the name implies has been stocked with books/magazines in Economics, Business and Marketing (both in English and in Bahasa Malaysia) primarily for the benefit of Form Six Arts students and teachers as well.

The Majlis Pelancaran of the Pusat Sumber was officiated by Tan Sri Nuraizah Hamid (Andersonian 1962/1963). Other prominent old Andersonians who took time off to celebrate with Uncle Selvamany were Puan Sri Raja Noora Ashikin, Dato’ Seri Chan Sek Keong, Dato’ Salleh Yeop, Datuk Merlyn Kasimir, Tan Hau Kiang, Dato’ Lat, and Ng Yook Woon. The list is too long to elaborate.

We ended the day with a special lunch at the OAC clubhouse with further celebrations there.

Sek Yee