Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Year 1971 & 1972 in Anderson School Ipoh.....

Where were you in 1971 /1972? And are you still there Eng Hock??


  1. Re: Oon Eng Hock . Something needs to be corrected
    Joined 1st. October, 1971 . Left 31st February, 1971.
    He must have used a time machine & needless to say, was there ever a 31 days in February ? Gregorian Calendars needs to be changed, then.

  2. Re: Oon Eng Hock . Just received a Viber message from our Top Scholar - Oon Eng Hock. He clarified , he left 31st. December, 1971.He was assigned as a Temporary teacher pending posting by Govt after completing his sponsored study in UK. Thank you, Oon Eng Hock for your clarification. Hope all is well with you and wish you the very best of health & your work.