Sunday, January 22, 2012

Raja Puan Sri Dato' Noora Ashikin...our Chief Fund Raiser!

We were privileged to have Raja Puan Sri Dato' Noora Ashikin as the chief fund raiser in the Organising Committee of the biography launch. When we (me, HK and Merlyn ) persuaded RNA to take up the portfolio about a year ago, little did we realise she could be so " charming and formidable" as described by Tan Sri Nuraizah in her welcoming speech. Besides being charming and formidable, RNA is also very meticulous in her work especially in the way she made sure that seating arrangements in the Royal tables and VIP tables are correct just before the guests came in on Sunday 15th January.

Our sincere thanks. We enjoyed working with you


Sek Yee, Hau Kiang and Merlyn

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  1. Hi Sek Yee, Hau Kiang and Merlyn. I thorougly enjoyed working together with you guys. Gosh!! The amount of laughter, food (my major) and work we shared together with Tan Sri Nuraizah, Dato' Salleh was amazing. I felt like I was in Form 6 again. Tak sedar dah tua!!! Take and happy holidays.