Thursday, April 4, 2013

First Get Together in 2013

A group of us gathered at Choon Yee/ Shek Seng’s residence on 28/3 to see her after she has completed her cancer treatment and with a very good report card from the oncologist in Singapore. During the short time we were there, many issues were discussed and argued upon…..these are listed below:

1. Green tea, or loong cheng should be priced at aboutt RM1 per gramme - then you will have quality in the tea!

So confusing leh!
2. Yoghurt recipe from Ah Nya! Do you still remember Pit Loo??

3. Coffee from Taman Tun;

4. In future, we will all enjoy Chairman's Lounge hospitality --- with compliments from WAK!
5. Don't leave yr maid in the house when you are away!! They will run away with your treasures!!

6. Gek Kim is now grandmother!
7. 'Ah Kau' has to babysit grandchildren! (Padan muka)
8. Find time to visit, I mean to watch 'The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel' - a great movie according to Sharon
9. Where to get the best massage in KL!
10. Where is the best boutique hotel in Malaysia?
11. Black peanuts comes from Taiwan…not from India
12. WAK’s birthday on 29/3

Of special interest was the yoghurt recipe explained by Ah Nya and Hau Kiang’s variation…until Pit Loo was so confused and me too.

We also discovered that Gek Kim is now a grandmother…..congrats and best wishes, Gek Kim. And the betterer news is that the grand-daughter was born on 16/2/2013…another darling and angelic aquarian ….just like Uncle Hau Kiang and Uncle Sek Yee who are also fellow Aquarians. Anybody else?


Sek Yee

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