Sunday, January 12, 2014

Let's Get Together More in 2014.....yeah..yeah...yeah!


  1. Hello.
    I came across this blog while searching information on my dad, Sharkawi bin Bahauddin. I knew he attended Anderson Ipoh and was an athelete from pictures in my safe keeping. I was wondering if you are able to share more information of his school years. No, I am not writing a book just to compile my family history. I can be contacted at My name is Shera and I am his eldest daughter. Sharkawi passed away of lung cancer on 12-May-2009 at SJMC and was buried in Parit Perak, his hometown. His last post was Deputy Chief Police of KL and retired on 24-Oct-1994.

  2. Hi Sharkawi
    Thanks for your posting. Your Dad retired 1994 which meant his birth year would be 1939. Hope somebody can help you out as this blog age is about 1948. That's my guess. Anyone helping Sharkawi out ..