Friday, October 8, 2010

Saying Hello to Hatiah & her Mum.....on October 07, 2010

On Thurs 7/10, a small group of Andersonians paid a visit to Hatiah's mum (Puan Aishah, 84) in Klang.She is suffering from Alzheimer's and last year she had a stroke that left her bedridden but her spirit and her lung qi are still very strong. According to Norsiah (Hatiah's sister),every morning the mother will be yelling instructions to her and the maid as to what to do in the garden......and believe me, it is a very lovely and very well kept garden. Kat,Jau and Hatiah sembang-sembang with Puan Aishah for about 20 mins. before we adjourned for tea and later toured the garden. With her Alzheimer's, it took her some time to remember Hatiah's name ( don't laugh, we will be there soon). Before we left, Norsiah gave us some juicy mangoes and even some of her hanging plants and ferns.

L to R: Norsiah (Hatiah's Sister), Puan Aishah, Jauharah, Khadijah & Hatiah

Well kept garden!

L to R: Hatiah, Jauharah, Norsiah & "Boss"

What a Lovely Duo! (See what a new camera can do for you!)

L to R: Sek Yee, Jauharah, Norsiah & "Boss"

When you have the 'qi',  you will always have fruits hanging over you!

Jauharah looking so pleased with what Hatiah gave her!

Sembang Sembang!

Later, Hatiah treated us to lunch at The Teapot Deli at the SACC Mall in Shah Alam......the Penang mee rebus was good (but cannot beat our grandma's mee rebus) and Hatiah and my boss enjoyed the Beef pie......the pictures described the kidding you, believing is seeing.

Story & Photos by Sek Yee

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