Friday, October 1, 2010

Secret Recipe Revealed......Lailatool's Mee Rebus

Here's the recipe for Mi Rebus Kak Nah as promised.


1.5 litres beef stock

1.5 litres prawn stock

15 dried chillies, soaked and drained

20 (250gm) shallots

3 medium sized sweet potatoes (750gm)

3tbs oil

1tbs sugar

half tsp freshly ground black pepper

1- 2 tsp salt

Garnish ingredients:

2 cups lighly blanched beansprout

10 eggs, boiled, shelled & quartered

4 pcs firm beancurd, fried & sliced

5 limes, halved

5 green chillies, sliced

2 stalks chinese celery, sliced

1 cup sliced shallots, fried


1.5kg fresh noodles, lightly blanched

Beef Stock:

1kg beef bones (ribs are suitable)

500 beef shin or topside (kept in 1 piece)

1cm piece of ginger,bruised

3 litres water

Rinse bones & remove any visible bits of fat. Place in roomy pan with beef, ginger & water & put to boil. Remove any fat & scum that rise to surface.

Simmer gently for about 3hrs to extract maximum flavour & until beef is tender. (if using pressure cooker, use half the quantity of water). When beef is tender, remove & leave to cool. Slice thinly & use as garnish.

Strain the stock, & salvage any bits of beef from bones to be sliced & used as garnish

Prawn Stock

600gm medium/small prawns

4tbs oil

salt & pepper

2 litres water

Peel prawns, reserving shells & heads

Wash shells & drain well

Heat 2 tbs in wok & fry the shelled prawns on high heat until pink & firm. Season lightly with a touch of salt & pepper. Remove & serve as garnish

In same wok, heat the remaining oil & fry the drained prawn shells, tossing them overhigh heat, sprinkle in sugar & continue frying until lightly browned & caramelised

Pour in water & simmer for 30 mins. Let stock cool before pulverising in blender, using the stock. Strain liquid & discard solids. This makes 1.5 litres of stock

Mi rebus gravy:

Scrub sweet potatoes, boil in their skins until tender. Peel & mash

Grind chillies & shallots together until fine. Heat the oil & fry the ground ingredients on low heat until fragrant & oil separates. Pour in the 2 stocks & simmer for 15mins.

Add enough mashed potatoes to thicken gravy. Aim for moderately thick consistency.

Season with salt, pepper & sugar. Add a couple of spoonfuls of tomato ketchup

Yew Sen showing Puteri Rashidah a  thing or two about Mee Rebus!

Ramlah looking  very pleased with the Mee Rebus!

'Boss' being watched closely by WAK! Can you spot him?

Can you figure out the ingredients here?

This is how you enjoy  the Mee Rebus! And Sek Yee seen here waiting patiently for his share!

Everybody going for seconds!
  Recipe contributed by Lailatool

It has been almost a week since we enjoyed the hospitality of Lailatool & Alkaff at Valencia and since some of us are obviously still thinking about the mee rebus, amongst other goodies (like cupcakes.etc), Lailatool has now shared with us her recipe on mee rebus! Anyone brave enough to try out the recipe?

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