Saturday, November 6, 2010

Happy Deepavali with Pretam & Family in Kajang........November 05, 2010

This year we had the opportunity and privilege to celebrate Deepavali with Pretam and Kalwant and their children at their daughter's residence in Kajang. The party there was a riot of colours with Pretam wearing a very bright red T-shirt....his excuse was..."I have Chinese classmates coming". But none of us wore red. For those who could make it, we had a good time savoring Punjabi food and deserts.

Amongst those who came with us were Wong Yew Sen, Wu Sor Hwa, Hau Kiang, Eugene Yong (my nephew),who was one of Pretam's naughty students in 1997/1998....see how the ex-teacher "yam seng" with the ex-student....the young girl in the group photo is Eugene's girlfriend, He Xiang,

We had a good time catching up again.....many thanks to Pretam and Kalwant.....and we look forward to many more Deepavalis with you and family.

Happy Deepavali in high spirits!

L  to R:  Eugene, He Xiang, Sek Yee, Khadijah, Pretam, Sor Hwa, Hau Kiang & Yew Sen

L to R:  Kalwant, Pretam, Hau Kiang, Sor Hwa, Sek Yee & Yew Sen

"Excellent, excellent, excellent" 

"Let's drink to the good old Andersonian days!"

'Our six-a-side team??"

'Now I am having headache from my 'Discipline Master"

Photos & Story by:
Sek Yee

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  1. Greetings to all. 1001 apologies we couldn't make it. Pretam, you look great in red (so do I, just ask my Boss), so keep wearing that as often as possible.