Thursday, November 25, 2010

Joyce (aka Lan Eng) Drops in from Down Under Perth......November 25, 2010

'L to R: Charles, Patricia, Rashidan, Puan Sri & Mahanum

"I have plenty of Australian dollars in this bag!"

"Have I seen you in Perth recently?"

Patricia says:to Mahanum: "You're simply amazing!"

Mahanum brought these photos along to refresh our memory!

Our delicious tea spread!

Rahimah makes an appearance

What lovely cupcakes! By kind courtesy of Rahimah!

The green green grass of home cupcakes!

Mahanum & Puteri Rashidah simply could not resist the cupcakes

Jauharah, another Boss & Rahimah!

A picture of concentration!

Mahanum does not look convinced by whatever Patricia is saying!

A chaotic scene!

The guys were simply outnumbered and so could not feature in this group photo!

It's Christmas soon!

Photos by THK

Our regular story teller called in not well , so no story this time!

Breaking News: The Banquet in Bangsar Village II appeared to have closed! Hmm, were we one of the factors?? So we had to re group at a new location on the ground floor!


  1. Really sorry I couldn't make it, but great to note Lan Eng & Charles looking good. Wish you could have come up to Penang. Catch you the next time. We're supposed to make a trip to Perth, aren't we?

  2. Folks

    Our friend who babysits in Singapore volunteered (not saya)to make preparations to Perth......however, no sound no picture..possibly too busy looking after the chuchus..

    Till we hear from her...

    Rgds to all


  3. For the moment guys, we will make it to Perth online and realtime too! Just board 'skype air-waves' and you can then wish our teacher and our buddies "Merry Christmas" all over the world too! Cheers