Monday, February 14, 2011

Our National "Tokoh Guru" - Dato' Seri N.S. Selvamany

L to R: "Uncle", Old Boys Kartar Singh & Dr. Sulaiman,  & "Auntie"
(Taken on July 25, 2010)

Excepts from Anderson School Images 1909 - 2009, published by Seladang Ventures in collaboration with Old Andersonians Club, Ipoh
"Cikgu or Master, as Datuk Seri NS Selvamany was affectionately known, was one the many illustrious teachers who has passed through the portal of Anderson School. It is fitting that I introduce him in this publication, to honour our eminent and immensely popular teacher who served the school admirably well with great dedication for two decades since 1952. "...................
............"ln 1956 l joined the school as a Form Six Science student, and instead of taking biology l decided to take geography for the Cambridge Higher  School Certificate (HSC). My request, however, to take this subject for HSC  was rejected by the Principal, Mr. G. E Jackson. Dejected I sought the help of Master, who was an Economics cum Geography teacher  for Form Six Arts, for his support. With his strong recommendation Mr.  Jackson relented and gave his permission that I could take geography, along with other science subjects, for my HSC. That was one defining  moment of how l got where I am today." ............ 

"ln my opinion, Master had exhibited the character and class that made him one of the greatest teachers in the country. He is an educationist, and a teacher par excellence. God bless you."

Written by S. Senathi Rajah
A Retired geologist, Andersonian 1956 - 57
Sixth Former at Anderson School Ipoh

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