Saturday, March 26, 2011

In Memory of Jauharah Tak.....

Jauharah Tak was a classmate and friend who was ever willing to learn and to help others. Because of her keen desire to communicate with her friends, she organised and hosted the first ever computer workshop for ASI 66/67 classmates so that she can improve her emailing skills (see story dated Aug 5th 2010 in our blog).

Whenever we meet, she would still ask me more basic questions like " how to click for this and that" etc. One day she told me (in confidence) that when she clicked "send" everything disappeared from the screen.....I just could not answer her question except to "console" her that this is a common occurrence amongst people in our age group.

Recently when Hau Kiang, Merlyn and I were helping to organise the lunch on 27th February in honour of DSS, I approached Jauharah to help out at the Reception counter.Despite her discomfort and swollen legs,she agreed without hesitation and Jauharah, together with Gek Kim, Ah Nya, Rashidan, Lailatool and Ah Kat did a wonderful job on that day. So the trio decided to belanja the 6 Ah Mois (together with a few others) to lunch on 23rd March at the Royal Lake Club. During the lunch, Jauharah was quite her usual self except she felt a bit cold in the air-con room and a bit tired. Sadly, that was our our last outing with her.(See our last photos with her, towards end of the short movie clip)

On 28/1/11, Mohd Shafiq visited us in Subang Jaya after his treatment at a homeopathic clinic, Jauharah persuaded a close friend to bring her over to our house so that she can meet the boy with osteogenic sarcoma. She waited for nearly 2 hours for Mohd Shafiq who was delayed in the doctor's clinic as well as the traffic.When she said goodbye to Shafiq, she spent some personal moments with him and gave him some
pocket money as well. We have lost a truly caring friend

Ever since the ASI 66/67 group started reconnecting in early 2010, Jauharah has been very supportive and attended most gatherings except for a few when she had to go for treatment for her liver problem the extent of which we discovered only recently.

We will definitely miss this quiet, unassuming and caring classmate.May Allah bless her soul.


Sek Yee and Kat

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