Monday, April 11, 2011

Finalising the Economics Book Prize 2011....on March 24, 2011

On 24th March 2011, Pretam, Hah Chye and I made a trip back to Anderson School to meet up with the Pengetua, Tuan Mohamad Guffri and his Senior Asst, Tuan Haji Tauhid to finalise arrangements for the Economics Book prize to be awarded to the best Upper 6 student for Economics in honour of DSS. With the groundwork already laid by Pretam Singh and the fact that Hah Chye also knows Encik Tauhid well, my task was made easier and discussions with them was over in a matter of 15 minutes after which we adjourned for lunch at the Old Andersonians clubhouse.

"Is it a bird, a plane or..........???"
"Handing over our cheque for RM20........."

"A Class Photo to Remind the School"

"Now, this is all the money that we have in our kitty!"

Our Tai-Kor in Ipoh says don't worry, be happy, as long as I am here!

Our Tai-Kor and Secret Agent in Ipoh
 I handed over a letter assuring the Pengetua that we have made provisions to sponsor the Economics Book Prize for the next 10 years. A cheque for RM 200 was handed over to the Pengetua together with the laminated photos of both the Upper Six Arts 1 and 2.

The next speech and prize giving day will be held on April 9th at 3.00 pm. After lunch, I went over to visit and brief DSS on the various arrangements made so far. He is very appreciative and he has asked me to thank each and everyone of his children.


Sek Yee

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