Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Meeting up with Mother Mangalam....on January 20, 2012

On 20th January, on the advice of Uncle Selvamany, Kat and I met up with Datin Paduka Mother Mangalam, who was a guest at the launch of his biography. Mother Mangalam is President and CEO of the Pure Life Society, a home for orphans and the underprivileged children at Jalan Puchong, Kuala Lumpur. For more info on the Pure Life Society, visit their website

 It was an enlightening experience for both of us. Mother Mangalam, 83, runs the orphanage which, currently, is home to 76 children. Her quarter is situated on the hillside facing the main building that requires you to climb up three flights of steps to get there. Another flight of steps would take us to the temple at the top of the hill. We took one look and decided to stay at the bottom of the hill while Mother Mangalam, who at her age is obviously in better form than us, put us to shame, going back and forth at least three times to fetch some herbs to show us, and to bring to the canteen the special soup that she had prepared for us using a new recipe that someone had given to her. It was indeed a delicious soup made up of three types of mushrooms, white fungus and black fungus and a green leafy vegetable as well as some medicinal herbs. We had lunch at the canteen, together with some of the children who had just come home from school.


Sek Yee and Ah Kat
(How to go Mount Kinabalu like this?)

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