Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Our Karaoke Happening on July 19, 2012

Karaoke Picture of the Year 2012! This Picture says it all, when you say nothing at all!
Coolest Karaoke Couple!

Just Warming Up
Our karaoke session on July 19 2012 was really a day to remember. Although a small group, we tested the new karaoke room and its sound system of the Royal Lake Club to the limits.....thanks to Hau Kiang for arranging the venue. This time around, we were joined, for the first time, by Grandma Lailatool and her darling Ah Kau who sang most of the oldies....and believe me, they are superb singers. Dato Salleh Yeop cancelled his trip to Sabah just to be with us and he sang most of the P. Ramlee songs....Dato' Salleh really is another versatile singer and dancer. The surprise of the day was Tan Sri Nuraizah singing a variety of English and Malay oldies and, and, and............."Koch, Koch Hota Hai" kidding you.

What a Din!

This Guy is a Pro man!
Our Datuk Merlyn and Ah Nya were happy bystanders.....I am sure they enjoyed themselves. Today our lead singer, Ahmad Sarkawi was in total control over the new karaoke system....unfortunately, he could not find Kat's favourite Mandarin song, "Ah Yee, my darling".....maybe next time. Anyway, Sarkawi gave us a few of his favourites including, "Quando,quando,quando" and his signature song...." To all the girls I loved before."

Our sincere thanks to Dato Salleh for paying for the karaoke room and Tan Sri Nuraizah for the lunch at the poolside.If time permits, we shall have one more session before the year ends....for the Andersonians Forever group. Hau kiang will upload the videos in due course and at the appropriate time.

The Grand Finale!

Sek Yee

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