Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Goodbye Chang Chee Teck......9/11/2012

When Chang was diagnosed with cancer in Sept 2009, doctors did not expect him to survive more than six months with or without conventional medical intervention. Three years to be exact!  Do you all remember the talk  he gave  in April 2011 at the Poolside Room, Royal Lake Club? Never mind; He is gone today! Our deepest condolences to his family!

For the benefit of our readers, I am reproducing below 'comments' posted by 'The Boss' in http://upekah.blogspot.com which is CT Chang's blog:

"I am jotting down my thoughts and feelings as I know I don’t have the guts to say all these to you in person. You see, my greatest regret in life is not saying what I needed to say to people in your situation. I couldn’t say it to my mother, my father, my sisters. I guess I am trying to absolve myself by saying it to you. So please hear me out.

Firstly, I pray that, while you are waiting to make the transition from this realm to the next, God grants you calm and peace. He knows you have fulfilled your obligations as a son, sibling, husband, father. You have discharged your duties as a citizen, friend and colleague. You did your best to carry out your responsibility as a man, aware that you are one creature out of His many creations and that you stood to be counted. Rest assured that you are leaving your mark here on Earth.

Thank you Chang, for blogging, which enabled many to benefit from the research that you did into various aspects of the cancer journey. You have been generous with the knowledge that you gained and many of us can claim that you are our teacher. Terima kasih, cikgu! for showing us the way....you changed our perspectives, our mind sets and you made us realise that it is ok to move the goal posts as and when necessary. Nothing is permanent anyway. We accept and then we adjust ourselves accordingly... and we move on, after learning from the experience.

And I find that the part that is most stressful is saying goodbye to people you have come to know as a friend, colleague, fellow-traveller... I wonder if I will ever learn how to do it right cos' most times I just fail to say goodbye. But after reading "Not the Last Goodbye" by Servan-Screiber, I know that the French are right in saying "We can say goodbye many times" and you can do that in as many ways as you want to. C’est acceptable. So I suppose in my own way I have said goodbye to you. Did you realise that?

And Chang, I pray that you make the crossing from HERE to THERE confidently, without fear or doubt. When you were given this cancer assignment, you took charge of the situation without a second thought. You did all you could within your means, without neglecting your duties as a son, sibling, husband and father, and I might add, as a fellow human being. How many can look back and say that they have shared their experience with fellow travellers and benefitted them in the process… you did well, Chang! It is not about the Destination, it is about the Journey! I pray that God grant you the wisdom to accept His decision, His will. We are told that life here on Earth is just a segment of a long journey back to Him. You had an eventful Journey. May you arrive at your Destination safe and sound. And, if God permits, please be there to welcome us when our time comes. Amen!"

With love and respect,


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