Sunday, September 9, 2012

Solo Art Exhibition of Mrs Sivam Selvaratnam Launched on August 24, 2012

Royal Professor Ungku Aziz

On Friday 24th August, Uncle Selvamany and Auntie Poovayee made a special day trip to KL to attend the official launch of a solo art exhibition of Mrs Sivam Selvaratnam, wife of Dr Viswanathan Selvaratnam (see page 222 of DSS's biography). The collection of artworks was officially opened by Royal Professor Ungku Aziz at the University of Malaya Art Gallery (UMAG) which is located at Level 5 of a brand new building called "The Chancellori".....just next to the Dewan Tunku Chancellor (just in case you may wish to make a trip there). Ramli Ibrahim read the citation of Mrs Sivam.

Ramli Ibrahim reading  the citation of Mrs Sivam.

At the function, both Uncle and Auntie met up with many old friends and old Andersonians like Tan Sri Aris Othman and Puan Sri Sherina Mow Cheng, Senathi Raja, Dr Mahadevan, Dr Majumdar, Gana and many others.....too many to name.

It was my first experience at an art exhibition and everything was really blurry to me.....nevertheless, I enjoyed the 2 hours there......the UM campus is not the same anymore except the memorable Dewan Tunku Chancellor.....the big lake is now just a small sad. The lake was my place to relieve the stress of study (as if I studied). How about an excursion back to UM?

Sek Yee

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