Wednesday, June 16, 2010

On Top Of Mt. Kinabalu on 20.07.2007

According to Sek Yee, its time we add some colour to our blog! So here is my first time up on top of Kinabalu (the date we hit the summit was not by design -believe me!) I am pretty sure some of you have been there too; Anyone keen for this adventure?
All five of us, with a total age count of 298 years happily and wearily made it to the top! The youngest was 48 years and the oldest was 68 years! We still have time for this you know! After all, we are on average about 62 and counting? It was just 'funtastic' for all of us! The first picture below is yours truly of course - Tan Hau Kiang, A2 Arts.

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