Friday, June 18, 2010

Renewing Old Ties........Scene 3

Ahmad Sarkawi and Jauhara...hope you remember who is who....mana tau...cataract la, long sighted la...
I am sure you remember the Sarkawi of 66/, 43 kg later, he has a faded top, like the rest of us, which is OK I guess, just a sign of the times. Still the same chuckle which preceeds a joke, the same roll of the shoulders when he is trying to emphasise a point. As his face has filled out somewhat, his ears dont stick out so much.

And Jauhara - has not changed very much in terms of looks...can put on a white shirt, a dark blue skirt and an ASI tie, voila...we are back in 66. She lives alone in TTDI, her husband passed away quite recently, and the young ones have started their own families.

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