Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Andersonians at the Book Launch by Daniel Yeoh's Tricia......September 27, 2010

At last we finally caught up with Yeoh Beng Teong,the tall, quiet handsome guy from A2. He still looks the same,sounds the same and still walks the same way. When he walked into the cafe at Hotel Singgahsana, we could easily recognise him. The occassion was the launch of a book called THE ROAD TO REFORM edited by Tricia Yeoh ( Beng Teong's eldest daughter) who works at the Selangor MB's office.Tricia is just as tall as the father and despite her busy schedule, she found time to have a chat with us, have photos taken with us and later autographed the books  that we bought. Let us meet up more often, Daniel Yeoh.

Khadijah, Tricia, Daniel Yeoh Beng Teong & Sek Yee

THK, WAK & Daniel

WAK 'pretending seriously' in trying to understand what's in the book!!

THK, Daniel, Tricia, Boss & Sek Yee

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