Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Happy Wanderer......Loo Ming Jui (from which pre-historic era???)

On Friday 12th Nov, myself and Wan Ahmad Kamal had the opportunity to meet up with an old classmate whom we last saw 45 years ago. Through the effort of Oon Eng Sin (who was with us in Lower 6), Loo Ming Jui called me when he was about to come to KL. He is currently residing in Melbourne just like Eng Sin. After Form 5 Arts, Ming Jui went to Australia to study accountancy, then came back to Malaysia,work a few years here, married his Ipoh sweetheart (from MGS), then went back to settle down in Melbourne and made his fortune there. In his name card, he describe himself as... A Happy Wanderer. What a life!

Ming Jui's association with us (he remembers Wong Poh Lam and Chin Fook Leong as well) goes back to our early primary days in Cator Avenue and Ashby Road. As usual, WAK brought along the old photos and we spent a few hours reminiscing our primary and secondary school days before we parted company after Form 5.

Wan Ahmad Kamal & Loo Ming Jui
"Don't you remember him?"

Signing his golf scorecard or photo report card?

Can you guess who is the happy wanderer?

Photo & Story by Sek Yee

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  1. Hi Ming Jui

    Of course, I remember you...if I am not mistaken, you are the chappie from Tebing Tinggi...still remember you playing marbles at the old shack next to the Kinta River with Wu Sok Hwa and the rest......the old shack was our classroom..and sometimes, during the interval, we would go down to the Kinta River to play...

    Wah, that was a long long time ago..