Friday, December 31, 2010

A Fitting Finale.....with our Hosts Merlyn & Assunta on Dec 30, 2010

The gathering on 30th Dec hosted by Merlyn and Assunta was a fitting finale to a year of gatherings, meetings at various functions that brought classmates of 66/67 Arts together. The high tea at Merlyn’s residence was our 25th gathering in 2010.

"You do not need an arm & a leg to join us!"

When we parked our car by the side of the house, we could hear very loud chatter from the side terrace of Merlyn’s house (with Hau Kiang’s vibrant voice the most audible). The others contributing to the commotion were Ah Nya and Mun Chiew (Form Six Science), Datin Norlian and hubby Dato Aziz, Grandma Lailatool and her Ah Kau, Hatiah, Jauhara, our School Captain Oon Eng Hock and Fong Chit Ying (Lower 6 Arts). Some of Merlyn’s friends were there also.

We had several rounds of authentic laksa Melaka, curry chicken and mutton kurma, Hainanese roti, and lots of cookies……(for your information, Assunta originates from Melaka). While we were enjoying the spread, Sarkawi and Mustapha Azmi was lost/caught up with the traffic coming from KL.

When they finally arrived (at about 7.30 pm), it was indeed a real surprise for those still present. Mustapha brought along a specially baked cake for “Andersonians 66/67” with the school badge/logo planted on it. Before Assunta and Kat cut the cake, we sang the Anderson School song. That was really nostalgic. Thank you Mustapha for the innovative idea.

So we had another round of cakes, curry laksa, etc. After dinner, Merlyn ran through the contents of our blog for Mustapha Azmi and Sarkawi amidst further chatter.

We finally parted company close to 10.00pm. Our sincere thanks to you Merlyn for hosting the 25th gathering and to Assunta, many thanks too for the authentic Melaka cuisine.

With this, we would like to wish all of you and family a very happy year in 2011, good health, etc

Best Regards Sek Yee

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