Tuesday, December 21, 2010

At Ramli Hassan's Daughter's Wedding......December 19, 2010

Ramli Hassan's daughter's wedding was a colourful one with purple being the colour theme for Ramli's family. As you can see from Ramli's photos,Ramli was most handsome and elegant in his purple baju melayu outfit.

When we arrived, Ramli and his wife was on hand to meet us after which we treated ourselves to the buffet lunch.Cikgu Puteri Asma came along with us and Sarkawi came all the way from KL with his wife, youngest daughter and his 5 year old son.....he keeps telling me that he is Tom and Jerry when I asked him for his name.

After lunch and bersanding, we were invited to take a group photo with the bride and groom, Ramli and other family members.Not everyone had the opportunity.....we were honoured.

As we said our goodbyes, images of Ramli became clearer to my mind of this handsome, elegant and quiet Malay boy who was our classmate 43 years(very soon it will be 44 years) ago.

Ramli, we thank you for remembering and inviting us to the wedding. May we wish your daughter every happiness and may you be blessed with more "cucus"......this will keep you and your wife more and more busy.Our best wishes to you and your wife also.

Rgds - Sek Yee.

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