Sunday, December 19, 2010

Our Gracious Hosts Choon Yee & Shek Seng..........December 16, 2010

A group of us was treated to a special tea session by our gracious host, Choon Yee and her husband Yap Shek Seng, the Tea Master. (Shek Seng was from Form Six Science). Choon Yee is easily recognisable from a distance, despite a gap of 43 years….so is Shek Seng (except for the white hair). This time around, the girls were out-numbered and believe it or not, Poh Lam came all the way from Butterworth’

After the usual chatter, we were treated to a sumptuous spread of special rojak made by Choon Yee and several types of nyonya kueh, yam cakes,etc……see how the ladies enjoy themselves. Surprisingly, no drinks were served—no coffee or tea or drinking water. Suddenly, Shek Seng said….”let’s adjourn for tea”. And we really adjourned to a special tea room where Shek Seng explained to us the art of making and drinking real Chinese tea. The whole group gathered around a special table for that special tea lesson and subsequent tasting. After about 10 rounds of different types of teas (Pu-er, etc,etc),all of us were worried whether we could sleep that night. I slept very well that night … snoring at all!!

Also in the tea room, there was a special Gu-Zheng instrument which the hosts bought from China recently……Choon Yee played some notes for us before the tea session started. Imagine sipping good quality tea and listening to Gu-Zheng music……what a way to relax and enjoy life.

The group really outstayed the hosts’ hospitality…..we finally left after 7.30 pm. We really enjoyed the chatter, the food and the many rounds of special teas.

Many thanks Choon Yee for inviting us and many thanks Shek Seng for enlightening us.

Photos & Story by Sek Yee
(More will follow)

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