Monday, April 11, 2011

Annual Speech & Prize Giving Day on April 9, 2011

On Saturday 9th April 2011, I had the opportunity and privilege to be invited for the Anderson School's annual Hari Anugerah Kecemerlangan (in our days,it was called the Speech and Prize Giving Day in conjunction with Sports Day). This was due to the good rapport and influence of our Ipoh agent, Pretam Singh who helped finalised the Economics book prize with the Pengetua of ASI recently (see our previous story).

Going back to ASI to attend the function after 45 years was really nostalgic for me. I remember attending every single sports,speech and prize giving day from Std 1 to Form 6. Standing under the school porch that morning brought back memories of being together with my other Prefect friends in 1966/67 waiting for the Guest of Honour to arrive. This time around, I was there with Pretam to await the arrival of DSS and his wife who was accorded a special parking space near the porch (also arranged by Pretam!)
The function started with speeches by the Yang Di-Pertua PIBG, the Pengetua and the Pengarah Pelajaran Negeri Perak, Encik Mohd Rauhi bin Mohd Isa. This was followed with presentation of prizes to outstanding students in Forms 1,2,and 4 and special book prizes for PMR (Form 3), SPM (Form 5) and STPM (Form 6).

The first recipient for the inaugaral "Book Prize for Economics in honour of Dato Seri Selvamany and sponsored by students of 1966/67 Form Six Arts" is a pretty lass (from Kg Simee?)...Ms Curly Lee Kar Yee who scored the best results in Economics in Upper Six. Ms Curly has already started work with a pharmacy outlet nearby and she rushed over from her work place to meet up with DSS and us (see photos attached).
After the prize giving ended, we were invited to the VIP room for lunch with the Pengetua. Later Pretam and I reiterated to the Pengetua, Tuan Guffri that we shall continue with the Economics Book Prize for the next 10 years or more and perhaps we could work together on other activities.We also told the Pengetua that we shall bring a bigger delegation of 66/67 students next year and he welcomed the idea of more past students attending the Hari Anugerah and other activities of the ASI.

We "bidded" farewell to each other at about 12.10 pm.

Sek Yee

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  1. With a winner like Curly, hope more guys will want to go back to ASI for next year's Hari Anugerah! No wonder Sek Yee was looking so refreshed the whole of Saturday and Sunday too!