Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hoping To Zap Away Some Pain for Shafiq

Over the last few days, I have been discussing with our friend CT Chang (remember the guy who has advanced kidney cancer and who gave us a talk recently?) where and how to get a digital Zapper made by Dr Hulda Clark for Mohd Shafiq to try out with the hope that this machine could help to reduce his pain levels. Finally on Thursday evening, we managed to borrow a set from another friend.

So on Friday morning, we made a quick visit to Mohd Shafig.(For more information on the Zapper machine, visit Chang's blogspot and read his postings dated 21/6, 23/6 and  24/6 Mohd Shafiq has a very cute short haircut and smiled when he saw us. He has lost some more weight and although the tumour on his right shoulder has stabilised, his right leg is very much bigger than before (see photos attached).

My boss baked for him a sugar-less, oil-less, and dairy free carrot cake and Hau Kiang presented him with the latest cartoon DVDs (like Kungfu Panda 2,etc)and a RM 200 angpow…our June allowance for him. Chang also gave him an angpow. Chang then explained to Shafiq’s auntie, Roslini how the Zapper works and hopefully we hope this machine can elevate the constant pain in his right shoulder and right leg. Chang also discussed and explained the benefits of having Shafig performing regular “coffee enemas”. Chang has offered to get for Shafig all the necessary instruments and ingredients soon.

Meantime, let us continue to pray for Mohd Shafiq.


Sek Yee

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