Sunday, June 5, 2011

Karaoke with Shafiq.......May 30, 2011

On Monday 30th May, a group of us (me,Kat,Hatiah,Sarkawi, Merlyn and Hau Kiang) went to Serendah to karaoke with Mohd Shafiq. Our chief technician, Hau Kiang brought along all his karaoke equipment...a DVD player,portable speakers and mikes,etc. He even bought a portable karaoke set as a present for Shafiq. Merlyn bought some modern karaoke CDs and Hatiah and Sarkawi brought presents as well.

We were joined by Salleh Hakim,(an old friend who made exquisite laksa johor) and Puan Citi Yousef who provided free homeopathic treatment to Shafiq. Children from the neighbourhood also came along.

The session started slowly as it took some time for Shafiq, cousins and friends to warm up but our veteran singers wasted no time at all. They sang as soon as Hau Kiang set up the equipment. As usual, Sarkawi was the lead singer and MC with Hatiah helping to prod Shafiq along. When Shafiq started singing, it was really a joy to see him sing despite the discomforts and pain in the right leg and right shoulder.

To be continued.......

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