Thursday, June 9, 2011

Meet Pek Chin......Thanks to Eng Hock!

Thanks to Eng Hock, we have finally managed to contact Madam Teen Pek Chin. On Sunday 29th May, I was invited to a blood/health screening organised by Pek Chin and her husband Yap at the Rukun Tetangga centre in SS 15 of Subang Jaya.

When I arrived, she could not recognize me thinking that I was a resident coming for the blood test.She still speaks the same way, definitely much rounder, still just as short but not wearing black rim spectacles anymore. Pek Chin has been a teacher trainer through out her working career and Yap was a teacher too. They have 2 an architect and the other a quantity surveyor.

Although we lived in the same neighbourhood, it took us more than 20 years to meet up.

Pek Chin and husband are very active in the activities of the SS 15 RT. She conducts line dancing classes at the centre on Mondays and Thursday nights as well as 24 Steps Taiji classes on Wednesday nights....all at 8.30 pm.On other days, both of them conduct excercise activities at the Subang Ria park every morning at 7.30 am. So if you want to burn off some fat, you know where to find her.


Sek Yee

NB: Eng Hock....many thanks for your extra efforts to track her. She told me about it.

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