Monday, August 15, 2011

August Month for Anniversaries!

As I was sifting through the photographs of Dato' Seri Selvamany for his biography project, I came across his very cute wedding photo dated 20th Aug 1953. So come this 20th Aug, DSS and his beloved Datin Poovayee will be celebrating their 58th wedding anniversary (wow, long way more for us ).

 I am sure the whole group of 1966/67 Arts would join us to extend to this loving couple all good wishes for good health,joy and happiness. To Dato' Seri Selvamany, you are "more than a teacher." We wish you many,many more happy anniversaries!

I also discovered that our Datuk Merlyn Kasimir and Assunta will be celebrating their wedding anniversary on Friday 19th August ( I forgot to ask Merlyn how many years already....must be 30++). To Merlyn and Assunta, may we wish you both continued good health, joy and happiness.

Coincidentally, Tan Sri Nuraizah, the Chairman of the Organising Committee of the Selvamany Biography project (me,HK and MK are in the committee), will also be celebrating her wedding anniversary as well on Friday 19th August ( I dare not ask Tan Sri how many years already....must be 40++). Our best wishes to you too, Tan Sri and your towering supporter
Andersonian of 62/63
Sek Yee

(Note: Do look out for the Book Launch of "Selvamany........More Than A Teacher" and you will find the wedding photo of August 20, 1953 in it!)

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