Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hah Chye's Hideaway in Ipoh

Let us share with you a little secret. When you are in Ipoh next, ask Hah Chye to take you to eat the best banana leaf rice in the world – near the Perak Stadium. Then, after lunch, ask Hah Chye to take you to visit his personal library, somewhere in Ipoh Garden East. (We are not allowed to disclose the exact location to anyone so we have deleted the address from our memory). This is Hah Chye’s private sanctuary. He retreats there after work every day and during week-ends. He has a vast collection of books on Buddhism and various other religions, books on philosophy, spirituality, spiritualism, etc. His library is definitely bigger and better stocked than the Anderson School library in 1966/67. There is also a good collection of CD’s and DVD’s for you to enjoy if reading is not your cup of tea. Incidentally, tea and coffee can also be served. So check it out soon. We did so on 30th Jan was indeed an eye opener for us.


Sek Yee and Ah Kat

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  1. Wonderful, Hah Chye! But a little word of advice: lose that dinosaur of a monitor - the computer monitor, not the class monitor (that was me, no?).