Tuesday, June 15, 2010

One Last Hurrah at End of 1967

I am pretty sure you can pick out the 'naughty' ones in this photo!

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  1. Ha!!! I never knew this photo existed!!! That's me, Chin Fook Leong at the extreme right with my then girlfriend Choon Ching, L6Science..now in Aussieland.

    Thoo Poh Yik is there but I cannot find him now ...he seems to have disappeared into thin air..he was with me in SIN but then resigned from SIA and returned to Bolehland.

    I can name the girls in the photo..Evelyn,Neeta, Ah Nya, Badriah,Gek Kim, and Raja Noor..the rest, sorry, nama sudah lupa

    As usual, Wan Ahmad is hiding at the back.