Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Mohd. Shafiq Story......our Visit on December 29, 2010

On Wed 29th Dec, we (Hau Kiang, Merlyn, myself and Kat ) met up with Mohd Shafiq (age 10) at The Jasmine Foundation in Wangsa Maju. Shafiq was there for his second homeopathic treatment. We first came to know Shafiq in Feb 2010. He had osteogenic sarcoma and his tumour on the left knee has grown to the size of a football. He has been in and out of hospital (HKL) for the past one year. After his chemotherapy did not shrink the tumour, they decided to amputate the left leg to save his life....however the tumour has spread to the lungs and right shoulder as well.

The boy is very gutsy and despite the pain and discomfort, he is determined to live life and enjoy it just like other kids. Come January 2011, he will attending a special school for the handicapped in Serendah.

His mother used to make/sell cakes to earn a living and his father is currently unemployed. They are from Alor Star but are now currently staying with Shafiq's auntie in Serendah due to his treatment schedules. He is currently receiving an allowance from the Welfare Dept. but that is not enough to sustain them. In short, they need cash especially when the school starts next month.
So we decided to give him an initial donation of RM 200 from the ASI Charity fund and this was presented to him by Datuk Merlyn. We hope to be able to continue to do so as and when necessary and to be able to do that we need your regular support.

Let us try to give this boy a chance to live a life as normal as possible like other young kids.

Photos & Story by:  Sek Yee

NB: The Jasmine Foundation is started by a close friend, Puan Citi Yousef who lost her only child,Jasmine to the same type of cancer. Puan Citi is currently providing the homeopathy treatment for Shafiq on an ex-gratia basis.

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  1. He's going to need more support going forward. I've just transferred 200 to the fund, hope some of you will also chip in to help.