Monday, May 23, 2011

Let's Sing Along With Shafiq!

On 11th May,Shafiq's mother told Kat that doctors in HKL suggested that Shafiq's right leg and right arm be amputated as well in order to save his life. She was really devastated. So on Sunday 15th, we decided to visit him in Serendah.When we arrived, he was not in severe pain as he had taken some morphine in the morning. The swelling in the right shoulder and right ankle is noticeably bigger. His right leg is bent at an angle and cannot be straightened at all.

We brought him some food and some DVDs (Tom and Jerry, Mr Bean,etc)....the DVDs worked wonders. His Internet connection is already working and he said he has seen all our blog postings. He has marked "Andersonians 66/67" under his Favourites.....he even instructed me how to access our blogspot.

Trying Out Sabah Snake Grass
While scrolling the blogspot with him, he noticed Uncle Tan playing golf (of course he does not know who Greg Norman is).....and he asked me " mana itu Uncle India" (alluding to Uncle Merlyn). When he saw the posting of our first historic karaoke, he commented...."saya pun mahu nyanyi". Shall we arrange a special karaoke session with him? Let us try to share some joy with him as we enjoy ourselves. Watch out for further news.

Before leaving, Kat gave him an ang pow for RM 200 (from the ASI charity fund) and another RM 50 from a friend. We also deposited RM 550 contributed by the qigong group of RA SS 19/1 of Subang Jaya. They definitely need more help than this. If you would like to make additional contributions, please send to our fund administrator, Merlyn Kasimir.


Sek Yee and Ah Kat

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