Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Wedding in Ipoh on July 8, 2012

On Sunday 8th July, we (me and Ah Kat ) together with our Uncle Selvamany were invited by Tuan Haji Tauhid, the Penolong Kanan of Anderson School, to attend his third son's wedding in Ipoh. We also brought along Raphail Sulaiman (Kat's nephew who is in Form 2 in ASI ). It was indeed a very good kenduri lunch (see Kat's and DSS's plates). We spent most of the time speaking to the various teachers who were there at the same time. All the teachers who passed by our table seems to know DSS as well as Raphail (one of the teachers told me that he is the school's private investigator).


Sek Yee

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