Wednesday, July 18, 2012

ASOBA 'Ahyaluddin Golf 2012' on July 12, 2012

On July 12th, we (me, Hau Kiang, Merlyn and Dato' Salleh) participated in this year's annual ASOBA golf competition for the Ahyaluddin Trophy at the Monterrez Golf and Country Club, KL. Although it was only a small group, we enjoyed ourselves and had the opportunity to meet up with our other senior Andersonians like Tan Sri Sallehuddin, Tan Sri Zahidi,K Anandarajah,Raja Aznin,etc.In fact, most of the participants are in the 7 series and they call us junior Andersonians.

Our Dato' Salleh won the 5th prize and Datuk Merlyn (our ASI's Tiger Woods) won the 6th prize. Me and Hau Kiang?.....we won the lucky prizes......obviously, we played like old cows.

Our many thanks to Dato' Salleh for sponsoring us.....we look forward to more of such sponsorship. It was another enjoyable day in our matter how bad you golf.


Sek Yee

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