Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Our 'Mystery' Star Owner of the Foot!

Yes, it is the right leg (and there were 2 correct answers to that). However, no one could guess that the right leg belonged to our formidable hockey player, Raja Noora Ashikin. On Friday 4th May, on coming home, she was so excited to see her cucu that she tripped and fell and injured her right foot and had to be wheel-chair bound for about a month. When we came to know about it, a group of us visited Raja Noora at her home in Ampang. Of course our gracious host treated us to a spread of sumptuous food.

We met Raja Noora again on 21/6 and she can walk already, albeit slowly….very soon she should be able to play hockey again.

Take care, Raja Noora

Salam,Sek Yee

NB: Since there were no winners, the prize for the quiz, the latest Samsung S III will be used for another occasion.

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