Monday, July 23, 2012

How To Win A Major in strive, to seek, to find and not to yield!

Let me share with you a lesson in perseverance. On 12th July, I was golfing with Dato' Salleh Yeop (our not so virgin MC) at the ASOBA annual golf competition held at the Monterrez Golf and Country Club(Hau Kiang and Merlyn was on another flight) At the 10th hole (a par 5), Dato' Salleh's crucial third shot landed on the green but rolled out and landed in the rough near a tree. He was really determined to find his ball and his determination was eventually rewarded with a par for that hole....and not only that, he scored a birdie for the next hole and had pars for the next 2 holes. And that was how he won the 5th place in the competition. View the video below for a classic example of a man practicing his school's motto " To Strive, to seek, to find and not to Yield."
Also, this time around his bunker shots really put Tiger Woods (the real one) to shame unlike the last time he played with us (me, Hau Kiang and Merlyn....our local Tiger Woods) on 29th February 2012. On that day, he cleared one bunker to enter another bunker and in one bunker he took 5 shots before he could get the ball out....another example of perseverance. (I would have taken the ball and thrown it onto the green). View the video below to see how Dato' Salleh tamed the bunkers this time.....believing is seeing.

Bravo, Dato' Salleh,


Sek Yee

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