Monday, January 10, 2011

January 03, 1966.....First Day in Lower Six Arts

"I confess - I don't remember a thing, although we should all be having crystal-clear long term memory by now. I shall let you know once I remember anything!"

Best regards to all,

Au Hah Chye
Tan Hau Kiang - "I wasn't even in Anderson School Ipoh then! I was a 'parachutist' as Fook Leong put it! When and from where? Do watch this space again for more updates! Cheers to all"

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  1. HK

    The true blue Andersonians at Lower Six 1966 were "The Gang of Four", WAK, WSH and YKL. I cannot remeber who the rest were..

    So folks, do help to put a name to the rest.