Friday, January 21, 2011

Thaipusam 'Lo Hei" High Tea at Laman Setiakasih 8........on January 20, 2010

Today's Thaipusam High Tea was our second gathering in 2011 and also the second one hosted by Choon Yee and Shek Seng. Our special thanks to them for the special effort to have us again in less than 2 months. Despite the short notice, the following came....Hau Kiang and Pek Hooi, Yew Sen, Sor Hwa, Sarkawi, Neeta, Ah Nya, Merlyn, Kam Loong, Hatiah, Jauhara, Rahimah and hubby, and Ah Kat and her Ah Yee. Puan Sri Raja Noora (our junior) also came along to join us.

All Andersoniians!
Familiar Hands??
Sharon Showing the Way to 'Lo Hei"
With Chinese New Year around the corner,our gracious host Choon Yee took the trouble to prepare 3 big dishes of Yee Sang for the group to "Loh Hei" which we did together with the singing of the Anderson School song.It was most hilarious.(The School song was sung again after the group photo).

Later, Shek Seng, the Tea Master treated the group again to a special tea drinking session in his specially built tea room where Shek Seng explained to everyone why they must only drink "pu-er" tea and not other types of this space for the video explanation.

The last group of Andersonians left the hosts' premises at about 8.15 pm.

Once again, our sincere thanks, Choon Yee and Shek Seng.

Best Rgds Sek Yee and Ah Kat

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