Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thoo Poh Yik.........Our Man in Bangkok

2011 certainly augurs well for us Andersonuans! We finally re-connected with our man whom all the girls have been asking about -Thoo Poh Yik in person! More stories later then.....
Thoo or Poek as on Janaury 18, 2011

Poh Yik's son is the one with the he-man muscle! Be careful Ladies!

L to R: Poh Yik's son, Mrs Thoo and her nephew in Dec. 2009


  1. TPY

    If ever I were to bump into you anywhere in the world, I would not have recognised you...such a big change in you. But now that you have revealed yourself,well, welcome ..welcome

    Good of you to post a picture of yourself..the Gang of Four is now complete...only thing for us now is to get together and take another photo...

    And as YSY says, there is a difference between Complete and Finished...(anyway, I like your hairstyle...same as mine...short and money on gel)

  2. When did you develop into such a tough-looking character!? Was that a necessity to survive in that foreign land?

  3. @Poh Lam: a still photo does not show my true, usual gentle self. You need to see me on video. THK and YSY already have. Thailand is known as the Land of Smiles.

  4. OMG! he is my Special lecturer :D