Friday, January 21, 2011

Remember the Mohd. Shafiq Story......"a young boy with osteogenic sarcoma"

On Thaipusam day 20/1, we took an early morning drive to Serendah and visited Mohd Shafiq at his auntie's house. Of late he has been having severe pains in the right shoulder in the early morning hours. His right shoulder is noticeably bigger and inflamed. Despite the discomfort and lack of sleep,he tries to go to school as often as possible. He enjoys school and his friends.

Mohd Shafig requested for Std Five textbooks which he has not been able to obtain.We managed to buy the 12 texts that he required (and which are not available in the school) and we have decided to finance this purchase from our ASI charity fund. Whilst browsing through the new textbooks, Shafiq commented that he intends to loan these books to his friends next year and try to make some money from it.

As he was not in pain when we were there, Shafiq was in his usual jovial and cheeky self, cracking jokes and even sang some songs for us. His favourite singers are "The Spiders"......a rock group?

Attached are some photos of Shafig before surgery (with the big tumour) and post surgery (with bandages still on). Would we have survived such an ordeal?

If these photos touch your heart deeply, please help us to reach out to other such unfortunate/poor souls....hence your donation will be deeply appreciated. If you want to donate further, just call Datuk Merlyn Kasimir, Sek Yee or the Boss!

A Very Gutsy Mohd. Shafiq

Have You Ever Seen a Young Boy with Osteogenic Sarcoma? 

A Tumour As Large As a Football!

Another View

"They Had To Amputate his Affected Leg"

Post Surgery

Posing In Style!

With best regards,

Sek Yee and Ah Kat (my boss)

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