Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Birthday "Uncle"........on January 16, 2011

The Andersonians group of 66/67 Arts started the year 2011 with a boisterous early Thaipusam lunch coupled with a celebration of Dato Seri Selvamany's 85th birthday (today) at the Old Andersonian Clubhouse, Ipoh on 16th January. Hau Kiang, Yew Sen, Choon Yee, Hatiah and myself took an early drive from KL, Poh Lam and wife came from Bukit Mertajam, Sarkawi rushed down from Penang, Hah Chye cut short his "church duties" to join us, Ramli Hassan was there also as well as our faithful ground agent, Pretam Singh and Kalwant. We were joined by 2 young Andersonians, Mikail and Raphail Sulaiman (Khadijah's nephews) who contributed the birthday cake (and birthday card as well).

We all arrived early, had our teh tarik, practised the Anderson School song (Hau Kiang printed the lyrics), had our banana leaf lunch and then awaited for the arrival of our Uncle and Auntie Selvamany who arrived at about 1.30pm from Batu Gajah after prayers there.

DSS and wife arrived with 3 tubs of ice cream which we promptly finished. After the usual chatter, the birthday cut and the birthday song sung, DSS gave an inspiring speech spreading his words of love and urging everyone to live harmoniously in this blessed country and be really One Malaysia and according to him the Andersonians group of 66/67 Arts is truly exemplary of this. Datin Seri Poovayee Selvamany also gave a short and very touching thank you speech.

We ended the gathering with the singing of the Anderson School song (with Sarkawi as the lead singer)....the singing was really commendable considering a lapse of 44 years......judge for yourself when you hear give us some feedback.

Watch this space for the inspiring videos.

Best Regards Sek Yee
BREAKING NEWS: We hope to hear from Thoo Poh Yik real soon!

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  1. Hi Friends of 66/67 Vintage Year

    Wah, you people had a good time in Ipoh..wish I was there.

    Yup, I wrote an e-mail to TPY this morning with the address given by YCY. So far, so reply from this elusive person...

    Wishing all those Pendatangs a very happy CNY.