Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Anderson School's PIBG Annual Fund Raiser on March 3, 2012

On Sat 3rd March,I attended Anderson School's PIBG annual fund raising dinner " Majlis Malam Seribu Impian" together with my 2 nephews...Mikhail Sulaiman (Form 5) and Raphail Sulaiman (Form 2). It was an opportunity for me to meet up with the Pengetua and the 2 Penolong Kanan and other teachers and old boys as well. DSS also met some old students like Prof Jameel Basha and Zaira Tak (our Jauhara Tak's elder brother) and some students from the 1954 batch.

The highlight of the evening (after all the speeches) was the karaoke session. Prof Jameel Basha dedicated his first song "My Way" to DSS and then he sang his signature song, "The Green,Green Grass of Home." Following that the guest of honour, DYAM Raja Jaafar sang "The Outsider" followed by "The Ten Guitars" . Both are really superb singers.

The evening ended with the school band playing the ASI school song.....for me the school song played by the band really brings back memories of my secondary school days watching the school band practising/playing during the annual sports and prize giving functions.


Sek Yee

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