Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Be Sure To Visit Stall 21 for 'free' Pomeloes!

On the way home after visiting Cikgu Abdul Rahim in Gunung Rapat, DSS and I stopped by Panjang's stall no 21 near the Sam Poh Tong to buy some pomeloes. After the pomeloes were selected, there was chaos in the stall as DSS insisted on paying and Panjang's son refused to accept payment. Me and Kat just took the pomeloes and sat in the car and waited....we still do not what the compromise was.

Earlier, Panjang's son told me that he had cleared one side of his small stall and intend to frame and display the biography after everyone in his family has read the book. What a gesture!


Sek Yee

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